About me

I'm a certified "Accompagnatrice Turistica" which is someone who leads single people or groups on excursions, weaving tales both tall and true. I provide interesting details about the places we visit, offering recommendations for shopping, eating and even taking amazing pictures.

I began my italian adventure two years ago when I moved to Florence from southern California. At first the Italian language sounded like a beautiful song, but it seemed like all the words just ran together. I couldn't make sense of it at all. So always ready for the next adventure, I signed up for a short but intensive Italian course and after just a month began helping out in the Mercato Centrale. It was sink or speak! I also became a great fan of the italian version of happy hour, apperitivo, a couple glasses of wine and those verbs just seem to conjugate themselves.

So here I am two years later living in Italy and enjoying traveling, savoring wine and sampling local dishes. I feel very fortunate to be living in a place filled with history and beauty, and I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and travel experiences with others.

Hope to see you in Italy soon!